Published by The Underground.

Maybe when you left—
If I had plunged my teeth
Into your throat, drank the blood—
You would still be here.

If I were a vampire,
I’d make you stay.
We are a blood oath;
You, the tyrant of my heart.

There are only two promises:
That of life and death;
I didn’t abort you when I had the chance,
So we’re both immortal as our sins.

Now there are bats everywhere
With no stake in sight.
You are a silver bullet
Piercing through my brain.

If I were a vampire,
You would be one too.
Because I buried you alive
And you still haven’t died.

The way you possess me
Is how I possess you.
I forbid you to linger as a ghost;
That’s why the bite mark is on your neck.

Contrary to what you believe,
I never forget the way
A person makes me feel—
I kill you but you keep returning.

If I were a vampire,
We could spend whole nights
(The days are worthless)
To our own devices!

Your hands in my hair
In our coffin bed.
That classic Stoker seduction
And our blood runs hot.

If I were a vampire,
I would bite you before you could me.
My cadaveric plaything, a person is only dead
When the other believes him to be.

photo: “The Prophet,” Emil Nolde (1912)

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